Transgender Republican Elected Official Experience


But when you add to the mix that she’s an openly transgender GOP elected official, it should come as no surprise that she’s no stranger to puzzled looks.”I get questions from the transgender community and from the Republican party,” she told Refinery29.

“The same general feeling is there: I can’t believe you exist.”Some organizations have deemed 2017 “The Year of the Trans Candidate.”

Election Day proved huge for the community: We saw candidates who were open about their gender identity win up and down the ballot, in many cases making history.

And even though most of those who won identified as Democrats, it was an emotional experience for Evans.Advertisement”To see that, in the era of an administration that has so frequently enacted policies that have tried to set back the trans community, we were able to pull a historic win like that, means a lot to me,” she said.


Transgender Republican Elected Official Experience