Mel Hwang Fashion Blogger, Instagram Influencer Profile


Mel Hwang, an It Girl who became a model at age 14 after being scouted in her native Toronto.

Though the experience allowed her a sneak peek behind the industry scenes and solidified her love of fashion (she spent hours studying poses and poring over magazines), it also made navigating the social hierarchy of high school pretty tricky.

When close friends proved hard to come by, Hwang turned to the internet — launching her first blog, World of Four, as a way to connect with kindred spirits all over the world.AdvertisementFast-forward to today: The now 25-year-old behind Mel Inspired is blogging full-time after finishing a political-science degree at York University and working in digital advertising.

As a proud Canadian, she’s all about bringing a unique style to the streets of her country (no matter how icy and cold they get!) including super-chic designer clothing and accessories, which can be found in no short supply at the Queen and Yonge Saks Fifth Avenue flagship.

“Toronto is home base, and I can’t imagine ever leaving the city,” she says.

Tell us, how did you get started?

“I launched my first blog when I was 15.

It was called World of Four and showcased all of the things that I loved about fashion.

I didn’t have a lot of friends in high school, my social life was all over the place, and I was getting bullied like many teenagers do.