Massimo Ferragamo on Winemaking at Castiglion del Bosco resort


Massimo Ferragamo, the youngest scion of fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo, has turned his passion for wine into a second career – a winemaking hotelier with the Castiglion del Bosco resort in Tuscany.

The 2,000 hectare estate of Castiglion del Bosco is a UNESCO World Heritage site

Castiglion del Bosco has a famous new owner with a recognised surname. As the chairman of Ferragamo, the Florence born, US based Massimo Ferragamo, the youngest scion of fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo, has ventured into the least expected (fashion industry) but most unsurprising (chalk it up it to Italian love for ‘la dolce vita’) second career – in the world of winemaking and hospitality with the winery resort of Castiglion del Bosco.

On his wrist, a vintage Vacheron Constantin Chronograph, an heirloom of the Ferragamo family

The US-based Ferragamo travels often to the Tuscany wine resort for months of the year and he spoke exclusively to LUXUO during his recent visit to Singapore about his loves of wine, restoration and the glorious heritage the region.

How does one go from fine leather goods into wine making?

Very easy, it’s all about items which speak about an exclusive experience: tasting and drinking fine wine belongs to that category. There was also an emotional element to my decision, I like to collect fine wines and I was always intrigued behind the history about it. The 800 year old Montalcino in Tuscany was something which combined both.