Kristen Stewart Matches Her Smoky Eyeshadow to Her Ombré-Colored Hair in New York City


Stewart stepped out for her Still Alice co-star in an ombré mullet-like chop, her bleached tips spiked up, her brunette roots combed back, and her blanched ends left loose to curl over the nape of the neck. The gelled and multi-tonal sensibility was echoed perfectly by a clever smoky eye. But rather than reaching for onyx liner or her trademark brushing of burgundy, Stewart rimmed her almond eyes in a burnished brown that extended away from the outer corners, leaving her inner corners touched with a pressing of soft gold. The overall artistry was an eye-level parallel to her punkish mop, perfectly reimagined right down to the texture of her heavily mascaraed lashes. Just add a pink lip and a smattering of silver chains, and Stewart has created yet another new classic.

As Kristen Stewart continues to comb through a menu of close-cropped coifs, it seems a side of well-executed eye makeup is the ideal accompaniment. And for last night’s Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit Tribute to Julianne Moore in New York City, the filmmaker reminded onlookers that, even before she sheared her rumpled lengths, she was a master of the gaze-enhancing makeup moment.

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