I Spent A Week Making Gordon Ramsay Recipes And I Am Legit Changed


I am not an idiot sandwich.

And while that’s all fine and good, it’s not really helping me become a better cook. And it can get pretty boring, TBH.

I figured who better to help me up my kitchen game than this sexy, rude British man? He explains things so well and his voice is really soothing when he isn’t yelling.

It’s Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking ($25.53 on Amazon), and it has solid advice on everything from essential cooking tools to perfectly searing a steak.

Then I set my menu for the week ahead, picking a different dish or lesson to master each day: eggs, soup, salad, seafood, meat, pasta, and dessert.

Gordon’s internet-famous scrambled eggs are supposed to come out fluffy and a little loose.

Despite the simple recipe, the eggs were surprisingly tricky to cook correctly. My mistake was starting with a too-hot pot (instead of heating the eggs up slowly), which meant the eggs overcooked almost immediately. Oops.


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