Alexa Chung Amex Bag Charity Collaboration


Priced at just $30, the light blue and white gingham mini bag is significantly more affordable than other pieces from the Alexachung range but is just as playful, chic, and current as we’d expect from the beloved British style icon.

“I was asked to create a canvas bag, and to be honest with you we had a couple of other versions in the works before this particular shape occurred to me.

I wanted to make something unexpected and recently I have noticed a trend for micro bags,” Chung explains.

“This is the first bag we have created as a brand and I wanted it to reflect our goals as a company: to make things that are fun, classic, and quirky, but also easy and cool.

The gingham is a color way we had applied to one of my favorite dresses in our second collection and I love it because it’s classic but fresh, and the mini sizing is an interesting play with proportion.”AdvertisementSo why did Chung decide to launch her first ever bag with Amex Shop Small, an initiative that celebrates the local business owners who do big things for their communities every day?